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Work with me

My work

My work is all about collaborating with clients to create amazing formats for immersive media. I also enjoy inspiring others to explore the creative toolkit that immersive media brings.


I work with clients both as a consultant and an exec producer. Here are some areas of specialism that I bring:


Want to understand part of the industry better? Get to know different audience segments? Or need information about immersive media in order to make a decision? I have a track record of using my experience to deliver in-depth white papers, research reports and presentations. 


Audience understanding 

Everything should start with your audience. Unless you are the target market, you shouldn't start brainstorming until you know who your audience really are. How else will you and your team work out what constitutes as 'good'? 'Great content' does not exist in a vacuum - what makes it 'great' is its relationship with its audience. I can help you understand your audience through surveys, focus groups, observations, workshops, reports and presentations. 


Concept development

If you know who your audience are, I can work with you to develop a great underpinning concept for your immersive media project. This process can involve: 

  • Requirement gathering 

  • Creating a menu of ideas for you - I call these 'concept seeds'

  • Leading or contributing to brainstorming workshops 

  • Scripting


Now it's time to test your concept. I can lead or facilitate this process:

  • Early prototyping (including paper-prototyping, mock ups and technical prototypes)

  • Prototype testing with audience and feeding back results & analysis 

  • Project scoping (stakeholder management planning, crewing up, attaching talent, planning a route to market) 

What clients say

"Catherine has a great instinct for for indulging and challenging audiences - usually all at once." 

Chris Sizemore, BBC

Working with Catherine is a pleasure. She has innovative ideas and is extremely professional in carrying them out. Emergent digital media requires flexibility and good temper and Catherine shows both, always driving to the best end product."

Jenny Chapman, BBC  

"Catherine's in depth and contemporary knowledge of interactive media is really impressive. Her ideas on development, production and marketing were crucial to the success of my project."

Victoria Mapplebeck, Documentary Director

"Catherine is incredibly creative and collaborative – she constantly suggests innovative ways to solve challenges"

Micky Rogers, Executive Producer

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