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VR Diversity Initiative

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I am pleased to announce the VR Diversity Initiative, a UK event in early Summer 2017 dedicated to improving diversity and inclusivity in the immersive media sector. I will be hosting the initiative, with the generous support of VR Focus.


VRFocus, the UK's leading VR news outlet will sponsor the VR Diversity Initiative as we host an event targeting underrepresented groups, including women, LGBT and people of colour who want to move across from another industry into VR.


The VR Diversity Initiative will consist of: 


- A one-day bootcamp to offer guidance to professionals looking to move into VR. There will be masterclasses from inspiring industry professionals and a production workshop, where attendees can create a rough prototype project.

- A roundtable discussion, filmed in 360 degrees, between VR industry leaders, who will discuss strategies to create healthy workplace cultures in the VR industry 

More information will follow soon. To be the first to find out more, please let us know your interest by providing details below.

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