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Catherine Allen

Immersive media specialist

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Catherine's work in VR

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Easter Rising: Voice of a Rebel

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Catherine is a BAFTA-winning, immersive media specialist and the founder of Limina Immersive. She has been responsible for a range of high profile digital entertainment products and has worked with major brands including Disney, Siemens and the BBC. Catherine's expertise spans across the fields of:

- Virtual reality 

- Augmented reality

- Industry inclusivity & diversity

Her work has attracted audiences in the millions. Projects have been successful with audiences ranging from young families to history enthusiasts to millennial women. Catherine now runs Limina Immersive, a VR company that enables existing arts venues to screen creative VR to their audiences. 


Catherine is a BAFTA VR associate and regularly keynotes, judges and mentors at industry events, contributing towards her goal of supporting the healthy growth of an emergent immersive media industry.

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Catherine is a BAFTA-winning, immersive media specialist, consulting on and creating VR, AR and app products. She has been responsible for a range of high profile digital entertainment products including BBC No Small Talk and Easter Rising: Voice of a Rebel.

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Easter Rising: Voice of a Rebel VR

BBC/Crossover Labs/VRTOV “Extraordinary... One of the best ways to understand the viewpoints of people who lived through history." NT actors as reported in The Telegraph The BBC's first VR history documentary, Voice of a Rebel, lets users step into one man’s memories & journey back to a moment that changed Irish History forever: the 1916 Easter Rising. The experience has toured dozens of festivals globally & was was showcased for several weeks at the National Theatre and Imperial War Museum.

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