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Catherine Allen

Immersive media specialist
CEO and lead consultant at Limina Immersive

Catherine Allen is most well known as a UK leading expert in immersive technology and its relationship with the public. Her approach is future-thinking and imaginative, yet heavily audience-centric and grounded in data. After working on the BAFTA-winning iPad app Disney Animated in 2013, Catherine led the creation of two of the BBC’s first virtual reality experiences in 2015 – 2016. Finding VR an incredible artistic medium, but with a frustratingly narrow audience, she founded Limina Immersive in late 2016; a VR events and research company dedicated to bringing immersive tech to broader audiences. Limina ran cultural VR events across the world to a total of over 15,000 audience members.

Catherine has continuously shared findings about audience needs back with universities and the sector. She has authored numerous public reports that have influenced policy. She has received an honorary doctorate from the University of Warwick for her work in immersive tech. Catherine is also in Meta’s Advisory Council for Reality Labs.

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